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About Us

GORATAN Products Pvt Ltd is established with the sole aims of promoting Indigenous Cow Breeds and offering the purest quality A2 milk based dairy products and other organic agriculture products to all. M/S Matratva Dairy Farm is a unit of Goratan Products Pvt Ltd which is into operation from last four years. The company intends to produce authentic dairy products, in an eco friendly manner. We wish to stride towards the progressive path by following the most integrated model of farming, which is well sustainable from an animal, environmental, social, and economic welfare.

Our Promise

Promoting Indian Desi Cow breeds and its value added products for combined rural and urban welfare.

Making authentic A2 milk and other value added products reachable to all.

Building a sustainable future by following integrated farming model.

Combining traditional methods of dairy farming with the most recent technologies for higher production with authentic quality.