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  • What is the uniqueness (USP) of Goratan?Open or Close

    Goratan believes in using the traditionally rooted methods for upholding the nutritive value of the A2 milk and other products produced by us from the Desi Cow Breeds We wish to create awareness towards A2 milk products, its nutritive value along with its eased reach to the different segments of the society at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

  • What is the difference between A1 and A2? Open or Close

    A2 remains to be a level more superior as compared to A1.

    A1 gets its name from its A1 beta-casein content that comes from the most of the genetically mutated cow breeds. A1 is commonly known as commercially-prepared milk which even leads to development of unwanted health conditions and illnesses.

    However, A2 milk contains A2 beta-casein which is a protein found in milk produced by desi or old-fashioned cows’. This milk is pretty similar to the milk produced by other mammal like- humans, goat, and sheep mainly due to the presence of proline. Containing rich Calcium and Proteins, it is very good for improved health conditions and is mainly preferred for children, pregnant ladies, etc.

  • What are the benefits of A2 products?Open or Close

    A2 milk and its relative products are highly rich in nutrients and protein content which supports the digestive and over all healthy well being of people of all ages, specially kids and pregnant ladies. It also works magically as an anti-allergic that fights the cause of a common range of other diseases such as- obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular and builds the overall body’s immunity.

  • Why you should opt for Goratan products?Open or Close

    Enriched with essential nutrients and high protein, Goratan products are the best way to stay healthy. It works magically on improving the overall body health and immunity power that helps in fighting against even the major diseases. This is why one should opt for Goratan products manufactured from A2 milk.

  • How can I be assured of Purity and quality?Open or Close

    Goratan A2 milk and it’s other value added products are being produced from Desi cows. This gives it the best purity and quality assurance. Apart from this, customers are always invited to directly visit the dairy farm to have a closer look at the authenticity and purity parameters being followed here.

  • Are these products good for children as well as adults?Open or Close

    Derived from the best quality A2 milk produced from the Indian Orgin Desi Cows. The entire range of products produced by Goratan holds 100% authenticity and genuineness which makes it totally suitable for both children and adults.

  • Do these taste different?Open or Close

    The entire range of Goratan product tastes different only in terms of the best quality authentic taste derived from A2 milk as produced from the Desi cows. The traditional method used for preparing these high quality products also gives it the ultimate taste of authenticity that is hard to forget and resist keeping away from.

  • Are these good for health conscious people?Open or Close

    Goratan means the “hidden treasure from cow”. Goratan products represent the same for health conscious people. A2 Milk and its associate products are rich in protein content that boosts the overall immunity of the body which makes it perfect for the health conscious people.

  • What is the process followed to produce these products?Open or Close

    Every A2 milk product produced by Goratan goes under the traditional method of preparation followed in the villages for preparing quality products back home. The A2 milk is manually milked from the cows, followed by its boiling and rest is prepared for extracting curd out of it. Curd mixed with water is used for preparing buttermilk and extracted butter using the Bilona Method is finally used for making A2 ghee.

  • From where can I buy Goratan product?Open or Close

    Goratan products are easily available online on the official website of Goratan- www. Goratan.com. Or you can contact us on 9828800054; 9982841777.