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    A2 Milk

    Proline enriched high quality milk produced from the local desi cows of the highest unadulterated breeds that helps prevent ailments like-allergies, diabetes, obesity and even cardio-vascular diseases.

    A2 Ghee

    Best priced A2 ghee enriched with high quality Protein, Iron, Sodium, Calcium, Vitamin A, D, E, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which is perfectly suitable for pregnant women, older adults and kids. It is made by using traditional methods and can be used for food preparation and also for spiritual usage.

    A2 Butter Milk

    Vitamin A enriched butter milk prepared from pure A2 Milk for best healthcare holding a number of beneficial properties such as- anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti- tumour.

    A2 Milk Based Sweets

    A wide range of delicious and best quality milk based sweets, prepared hygienically from A2 milk.

    Raw A2 Butter

    Raw Butter is butter made from unpasteurized milk. It is unsalted and uncoloured butter which dissolves in your mouth more quickly, than other butter.

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    Cow Urine/Gomutra

    Authentic Gomutra suitable for curing a number of diseases such as- leprosy, abdominal colic pain, bloating, cancer, anaemia, etc. Desi cow’s urine can be used as a substitute of Ganga Jal for spiritual purpose.

    Cow Dung Cake

    Best utility cow dung cakes pretty useful for all sorts of sacred ceremonies and worship needs.

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    Vermi Compost

    100% organic vermin-compost for enriching the soil, suppressing plant diseases and increasing the growth and yield of the crops.

    Natural and Raw Honey

    100% natural and unpasteurized raw honey, right out of the hive containing a number of good enzymes and nutrients for anti-oxidant benefits, blood pressure and cholesterol control.